Sunday School

In his public ministry, Jesus Christ called little children to him and showed them great care. Jesus never neglected them and used the children to convey the truth about the Kingdom of God. Throughout the Gospel, we find that Jesus welcomed children, blessed them, associated them with the Kingdom of God, and even warned us to not cause them to stumble.

Youth Ministries

We believe that we have the responsibility to raise up Godly young men and women who live their lives in light of the Gospel. As a church we put a lot of emphasis on interacting with our youth and trying to see the world through their lense. We want to understand the world that they live in and the culture that they are surrounded by.

Ladies Fellowship

We have all had our bad days. We can get depressed for a variety of reasons, ranging from the death of a friend or family member, a failed test, financial difficulties, or even a crisis of confidence. If we sink too low, it can cause unhappiness and a sense of frustration with God. However, it is precisely during these challenging times that fellowship is so important.

Care Team

The Care Team consists of members from our congregation who have a special desire to go above and beyond in providing aid to those in need. This team of passionate men and women often cook meals for families when someone has fallen sick, help families in relocating by arranging volunteers or providing moving materials, or simply serve as a confidant during challenging times.


The great commission given by our Lord was to go and make disciples of all nations. As a church we are passionate about evangelism and have created a team that spearheads this Ministry. We have a passionate evangelization team that goes out into the streets and public squares of Pearland to share the Gospel with anyone who has a heart to listen.

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